The CFEA Introduction

Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneurs Alliance (hereinafter referred to as CFEA) operates as a platform of member firms offering information and advisory services. As the economic globalization, CFEA is founded to bridge the gap between domestic and entrepreneurs abroad. We work to help our clients to grasp cooperation opportunities and gain multilateral benefits.

Member firm’s clients are private corporations including Small and medium enterprises and online "micro-enterprises". We help Chinese entrepreneurs to explore oversea market and experience their innovative ideas and high technology. Meanwhile we also provide foreign entrepreneurs with industry insight and local knowledge for those who have the inclination to invest and develop in China.

Since our member firms are across a broad range of industries, we also build forum targeting external development, organize entrepreneur delegations for business trip and offer online and offline consulting services.

The globalization of economy also drives the mix of culture. Every company has their own culture. CFEA will help enterprises plan and implement cultural events toward the world, to advocacy their social image, promote their products and create cooperative projects.